Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Low-Tech Marketing At Its Best

OK, so the great new buzzwords in marketing and PR and communications are "social media" and "twitter" and "blogs" and "wikis" and all that jazz... and there's no denying that these new tech tools are definite ways to create community and keep people interacting. (I use them all in different ways.) But sometimes, I think we get so tied up in the new bling, that we overlook low-tech marketing tools.

What prompts me to write this? The realization that one of my strongest marketing tools on campus are the clear literature holders I've had my facilities team attach to the back of every bathroom stall and by the sinks and paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.

Sure, it sounds silly, but these literature holders are wildly successful. The bathrooms are the one location that pretty much everyone visits while they're here -- be they staff, faculty, students, employees of our tenant companies, or employees of the companies who are renting space on our campus. And, even better, for those few minutes they're there, I've got a captive audience. They're all mine!

And so I know it's the best way to let people know what's going on around campus. Score one for old-school marketing techniques...

-- Robin

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steph4476 said...

Brilliant post - 10 years ago, I was director of communications for a college student program board and we used similar techniques. They worked then, they still work today. Sometimes the same tools really are the best and most effective!