Friday, April 25, 2008

Pimp This Job

Could our new "Pimp this Job" feature really be working? Rumor has it, the answer may be yes.

I hear one of the jobs that we mentioned on this blog has had more than 200 applicants. (Yea!) Sure, the applicants may have heard about the job from one of a myriad of other avenues, but I like to think our community did its part to help.

So keep the job openings coming!

-- Robin

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pimp this Job: The Coast Guard

From one of our readers:

The two vacancy announcements linked below are for one position. Please read both listings to determine if you are eligible to apply under each announcement.

This vacancy is open to Federal Employees with competitive status and reinstatement eligibles who reside in the local commuting area. It is also open to applicants eligible under the Veterans Employment Opportunity Act, and applicants who qualify under special appointing authorities for persons with disabilities, and 30% compensably disabled veterans, who reside within or outside the local commuting area:

This vacancy is open to all United States Citizens: