Friday, February 20, 2009

February Lunch Recap: Social Media Policies

First off, thanks to Bar Louie for a great location... and to the team there -- Steve, Melissa, and Elliott -- for providing such great service. We'll definitely be returning for future lunches.

Second, thanks to our speaker, Denise Graveline of don't get caught, for a great conversation on social media and social media policies. Normally, I take notes during these lunches so I can post an overview to our blog and send highlights to our members. Denise made sure I didn't need to do so this month!

Instead, she sent me the following message:

"Thanks again for your enthusiasm and attention at yesterday's Capital Communicators Group session on social media policy.

"I've uploaded videos from most of the questions and added links and additional information -- more than we had time to cover live and in person. You can see all the posts related to my talk yesterday here. Keep scrolling down past the questions and you'll find two posts that comprise the handouts for the session as well. I appreciate all your video contributions to my blog -- and Debbie Friez for serving as a great camera operator.

"Many of you asked about the camera Debbie used. It's a Flip HD camera, and you can see all my posts on it here along with links to where you can buy your own.

"I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your participation yesterday!"

NOTE FROM YOUR PRESIDENT: Some of you asked me about Denise's training sessions for the social media skeptics in your organizations. I've had her on campus for one, and it was great. She created a custom presentation focused on our sector and showed us what others are doing successfully. You can find out more about her sessions here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Communitelligence Presents... Rethinking Corporate Communications 2009: Delivering More Value in a Tough Economy

Just in case you're interested...

Rethinking Corporate Communications 2009: Delivering More Value in a Tough Economy
Conference & Workshop
March 4-5
Washington, D.C.

CCG members get 25% off the registration fee by using this code when they register: CILA25

Visit the conference site for more details.