Thursday, July 16, 2009

Resume Advice... and Survey Info

I love the Washington Business Journal and the reporters I work with there, but I have to point out something funny from yesterday's daily email. They recently posted to the site an article titled, Survey: Resume typos can hurt applicant, based on a survey by Accountemps. (Sorry to those of you who can't see the article because it requires a subscription.)

I was amused because I just assumed it was common knowledge that typos and grammatical mistakes on resumes were a bad idea. It hardly seems like news...

But maybe I'm wrong.

Or maybe the news is that only 76% of executives said one or two typos would remove applicants from consideration for a job. (I would have thought the number would be higher.)

So what about you? Do you throw out a resume at the first sign of a typo? And what resume advice do you have?

My number one piece of advice: Show results of your work, not just a list of your job responsibilities.

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