Friday, May 15, 2009

Twitter: Follow Me? Follow U?

So I saw an interesting twitter trail today and I'm curious what others think. To explain the situation, i'll call my two twitter peeps @PR1 and @PR2.

@PR2 is following @PR1.
@PR1 isn't following @PR2.
So @PR2 asks @PR1 to follow her, and says if @PR1 doesn't start following her, she's going to stop follow @PR1.

I guess what's interesting to me is what people think of this whole debate. And it goes back to why people use Twitter. I use Twitter for three reasons: (a) to let people know about interesting events, articles, blog posts, etc.; (b) to quote Dave Evans, "I'm looking for people who could possibly answer questions I don't know I have yet; and (c) I'm looking to learn about what others are doing or recommending.

By that token, I follow those people who I find interesting. If someone starts following me, I'll go look at their updates and decide if I want to follow them back. And if I start to follow someone and they choose to follow me back, great. If they don't, their loss, right?

But am I alone in this mentality? Do others feel like it's a slap in the face if people they choose to follow don't follow them back? Is reciprocity necessary in this forum? What do others think? And where does ego come into play on this issue?

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