Monday, May 18, 2009

Follow Up: The Importance of Stepping Away from Your Desk

Just an interesting follow up to my earlier post, The Importance of Stepping Away from Your Desk...

I read a Washington Business Journal article today that cited a statistic from the Society for Human Resource Management: About 72 percent of employees across the nation said they work through lunch, while 70 percent report working beyond a 40-hour workweek and working at home on the weekends.

Maybe that's why, on some days, it feels like we're all lacking in creativity, innovation, excitement about our jobs, etc. To me, this just reinforces my earlier point: sometimes you have to get away from your desk in the middle of the work day to rejuvenate yourself.

Oh, and a quick question... Did you do your homework from that last post? Did you "get up off your bum and go wander around the world at least once [last] week?" I did. On Wednesday. Lunch with a colleague from Qiagen. How about you?

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