Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Social Media & Science and Health Communications

I just read a great blog post from Aimee Stern about a recent meeting for public information officers held by AAASEurekAlert! news service. Aimee shared some great highlights and lessons learned... and the information is helpful for PR and Comms folks in any industry, not just those spreading the word about science and health topics.

(By the way, for those who can't get enough of social media, CCG's February lunch will focus on this topic. So keep an eye out for notices about that lunch in early February. Our last SocMed lunch sold out within 24 hours.)

-- Robin


Anonymous said...

Robin, did you notice how Aimee dissed the food at the November CCG event in her blog? Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Robin said...

Not everyone is going to like the food at every event.

Besides, the food is a backdrop for the talks and the networking, and she did mention getting a lot out of the speakers that month.