Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 24-7 Work Environment

OK. So I'm on Twitter -- ID: rferrier -- and usually I'm good about following and participating in the conversations there. At least, I am during the week. While I'm at work. But I admit it: I haven't been on Twitter since last Friday. That's what? 4 days? I've just been a) extremely busy; and b) away from my desk a lot. And since I don't have a Blackberry (yes, you can gasp now... a PR / Comms person without a Blackberry), it's not easy for me to get Tweets when I'm not at my desk. (I'm truly old school when it comes to my cell phone.)

And all this got me thinking about the current 24-7 work environment. It's kind of expected, right? That we'll be online, accessible, tuned in, linked in, etc., 24-7? Or, at least, while we're awake...

And I'm not so sure it's a good thing. (Is it wrong of me to say that?) I need my down time to feel like I function effectively. I get good ideas when I'm away from my computer, hanging out with friends or running my dog in the park. I also recharge my batteries during that time so I can keep going.

But what do you all think? Is the 24-7 environment a good thing? And if you are connected all the time, do you think it hinders your creativity or your sanity? I need to know whether there are others out there like me... Let me know what you think and how you deal with the 24-7 demands on your time.


Debbie said...

I'm with you, Robin. I allow myself to be off-line for a few days at a time. I need the down time to refresh. I do have the "crackberry", and I still have managed to stay away from Twitter some weekends.

Anonymous said...

Unless you are the president (of a country) or a doctor, you are not needed 24-7. In DC, lots of people think they are indispensable and their work is crucial to the continuation of the world. Not true.