Monday, November 3, 2008

Oct. Lunch Recap: Advocacy PR, Take 2

Part II of our installment on October's lunch. Today's words of wisdom come from...

Danielle Roeber, Deputy Director for the Office of Safety Recommendations and Advocacy, National Transportation Safety Board:
-- "Know your counter argument and how you will respond to it. Also anticipate -- and be prepared for -- questions that will be asked in response to what you say."
-- "Don't be afraid of 'I don't know.' Follow that up with, '...but I will get back to you with an answer.' And then really do get back to them."
-- "It's all about relationships. People work well with those with whom they've built a relationship. It goes what I said earlier. When you tell someone you'll get back to them with information, really do get back to them. You'll be seen as reliable."
-- "Find your partners. Find the grassroots people in your area who are lobbying the leaders. We work with a number of grassroots organizations such as MADD and Safe Kids."

And now, the same questions as yesterday:
-- Did I miss anything important?
-- Any questions for our speaker?

If you didn't see yesterday's advice from Speaker #1, scroll down and ready away. And don't forget that tomorrow will bring our third installment.

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