Friday, August 1, 2008

Resources: Podcasting, Vodcasting, and Social Media

During July's lunch, we talked about sharing resources on where members can learn more about vodcasting, podcasting, and social media. In that spirit, below is a list of some upcoming events -- and other resources -- that you may find helpful.

We'd love to add resources you may know about as well. So let us know about other conferences, events, books, web sites, etc., that will help our members become social media gurus.
  • Podcasting Courses from EEI: Courses for beginners and podcasting pros
  • YouTube: we've been told there are "how to" videos on YouTube for podcasting and vodcasting. You'll need to do the searching on your own to find them. (Sorry! We do have day jobs!)
  • Ragan conferences: Offered across the country on numerous topics, including social media, podcasting, vodcasting, etc.
  • Member Jim Onder's courses: CCG member Jim Onder offers a variety of media relations and social media courses through the USDA Graduate School. Explore his courses and others...
  • Advanced Learning Institute: Offers conferences on Social Media for Government. There will be another one in D.C. in December though it isn't yet on the ALI web site. (CCG VP Joe Balintfy presented at the last one in May. We'll have to see if he's been asked back for an encore presentation.)

So what resources might your fellow CCG members find useful that we're missing? Let us know.

** Please note that CCG does not endorse or in any way verify the quality of these resources.