Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Hour Recap

So last night was our CCG happy hour...

I originally posted about the Happy Hour asking our members to weigh in on their thoughts about CCG happy hours because we "only" had about 10-15 people show up. I was concerned that turn-out seemed scant and that perhaps the new members who showed up might have been disappointed. But after hearing from two people last night, I guess I'm wrong.

My co-conspirator, Joe (our VP and Treasurer) had this to say in response to my (now edited) post: "I'm pleased with the turnout: I think it's better that we had an intimate gathering, rather than if all 600 of our members had shown up. I'm certainly not trying to 'spin a spinner' as one member warned against last night, but we have a couple new members after last night, some coworkers came all the way down from Bethesda, a dozen or so people did come, and the beer was good. What's wrong with that?"

And a member -- who shall remain nameless because I didn't tell her I was quoting her -- said: "Maybe we should do the happy hours a little more frequently to build a following. Good location anyway, which is huge with me."

Maybe my first instincts about the evening were wrong. After all, I'm usually the first to say: Small crowd who is engaged has a good time is better than a large crowd who is bored.

So I amend my earlier thoughts. Last night was good. I had fun. Met new people. Talked with some active members who gave some great advice about both business and personal matters. Had a good Belgian white beer. What more could you ask for, right?

And for those who didn't come, I'd love to know: Was it the location? The date? Lack of interest in happy hours? And should we hold CCG happy hours more often?

-- Robin

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