Friday, March 28, 2008

New Feature: Pimp This Job

Welcome back to our few readers. As mentioned during yesterday's fabulous lunch at the Supreme Court -- for those who RSVP'ed and then couldn't show, you missed an amazing event -- we're starting a new feature on our blog. I'm calling it "Pimp this Job."

Basically, if you know of an open position, send us the details and we'll post it here. So, without further ado, the first job to be pimped:

EMPLOYER: National Institutes of Health
LOCATION: Bethesda, MD
TITLE: Public Affairs Specialist- OD/OCPL-DE


Some extra words on why you should apply:

* Position is one of two point people on all NIH media activity. (Last year saw more than 3,000 interview requests.)

* Great career post for news junkies. One of the people in the office has been doing this for 30+ years! Every day is different.

* Always interesting. It's a fantastic opportunity to be "on-the-pulse" of a medical research agency's news and discoveries.

* Requires fast thinking and cooperation. Key challenge is balancing priorities of multiple constituents.

* Perfect combination: Active public affairs shop in stable and secure government office (with great benefits!)

* Once you’re in, there are always other opportunities within News Media Branch, Office of Communications and Public Liaison, NIH and government.

The person in the position now would stay, but he is being promoted/transferred to another role within same branch. Right now, he's doing both this and his new job at the same time so he begs of you... Apply today! [The position is open until April 10, but applying for a federal job takes a little time.]

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