Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Last week, the Capital Communicators Group resumed its monthly lunches with a presentation about "Blogs, Social Networking Sites, and More: How to Use New Media Tools in Your Communications Outreach."

After a presentation like that, how could we not start a blog?

As we start this blog, the three CCG officers will be posting entries:

-- President Robin Ferrier
-- Vice President and Treasurer Joe Balintfy
-- CCG Founder Mark Oswell.

We also encourage you to make comments on what we say. And if you're a CCG member with a good idea for a post on any communications topic, please send it to us to post on your behalf. (With enough high-quality posts, we may ask you to post directly.)

So what will this blog be? Posts debating communications issues, posts about upcoming lunches, posts with information from past lunches, posts about current events that relate to communications topics... So basically, all things CCG.

During the last lunch, one of our presenters said the average number of readers for any blog is 1. By having three contributors, we know we've already beat the average, but I have to admit, I'd like to crush that average. So please, start reading and keep reading. And let us know what you think.

-- Robin

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