Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Days 20-28: Nurturing My Professional Network

It's been a busy few weeks for me so I haven't been updating on my "nurturing your professional network" challenge. Sorry! Here's the latest:

Day 20 (July 29):
  • Forwarded media query to non-Hopkins colleague for colleague's pro bono client
Day 21 (July 30):
  • Forwarded media query to non-MCC Hopkins colleague
  • Got a call from an MC businessperson looking for Hopkins connections re: an event she was hosting. Connected her with two colleagues. (If she wasn't part of my network before, she is now. She was extremely appreciative of my help!)
  • Helped a friend/colleague with a personal issue by calling on an "expert" I knew in a particular area to lend some advice. (Of course, I would have helped her even without this project being underway!)
Day 22 (July 31):
  • Met someone at an event at the Washington Business Journal offices. She heard I was connected to Hopkins and asked if I knew of anyone looking for engineering work. Gave her my card. She sent me the job descriptions. I forwarded them to a colleague in JHU's Whiting School of Engineering. (Again, expanding my network by doing this woman a favor...)
  • Colleague asked for a connection in another part of Hopkins. Made that connection for her. (And was happy to do so! She's done so much for me in the past!)
Day 23 (August 3):
  • Worked for my "pro bono client" on their print newsletter (Does that count?)
Day 24 (August 4):
  • Forwarded colleague some intel I read in a local publication that might have significance for his job
  • Sent a friend a link to an online article that will help her with a grad school class she's currently taking
  • Forwarded two media opportunities to colleagues
Day 25 (August 5):
  • Set up a dinner for later in the month so a friend of a colleague can "pick my brain"
Day 26 (August 6):
  • Forwarded media query to a colleague
(I was out of the office on August 7 and 10.)

Day 27 (August 11):
  • Forwarded a friend's resume to someone who may be able to help him get a job... or at least connect him with some people in the industry
  • Made a lunch date with a colleague's colleague who'd like to "pick my brain" on some PR/promotion ideas
  • Forwarded media opportunity to a colleague
Day 28 (August 12):
  • Forwarded a media query to two colleagues
  • Helped a colleague respond to a media query
  • Connected a friend with a colleague who may be able to help him with an event he's planning
  • Provided some insight on a media-related matter to a colleague
So there it is. The latest. I'm in the home stretch. Two days to go. I can't wait to reflect back on the month when I hit Day 31...

(P.S. -- to my reader who commented via Twitter on liking this series and taking on the challenge herself, it's nice to know I have readers who appreciate some of my theories, thoughts, etc. Thanks! And let me know how the challenge goes for you!)

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