Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UPDATE: Nurturing My -- and Your -- Professional Network

Just a quick Tuesday update on my cause...
  1. Saw some back-and-forth between my JHU colleague and the reporter who was looking for a source. Not sure if my colleague will end up being included in the article, but at least I generated some conversation there. And perhaps it will lead to media coverage for my colleague in the future, if not this time.
  2. Reviewed the new "look and feel" of the NetSol web page. (By the way, I like it.) I didn't give it as much of a once-over as I'd like, but I plan on giving it a closer look... soon!
  3. Found out one of my referrals (from earlier this month) resulted in a gig for a colleague. (Yay, Denise Graveline!)
  4. Agreed to help a colleague with some training he's doing this fall.
I think I'd rate Day 1 of my Challenge a success. Yay!

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