Friday, June 27, 2008

Play Ball! Lunch Overview

So for those of you who RSVP'ed and didn't show -- or decided not to RSVP to the June lunch -- well, it was your loss. Seriously, this month's panel was phenomenal. The questions flowed freely and the speakers were candid with their responses. And I didn't get out of the lunch until 2 p.m.

Some highlights:
  • From Matt Winkler, Associate Dean, Sports Industry Management, Georgetown University: If you want to market to and reach 20-somethings, you'll need to think like that generation. That means: Think online. Think YouTube and Facebook and Twitter.
  • From award-winning sports columnist Christine Brennan: For those of you thinking about going into journalism who are excited by the idea of television, "Write 20 years and then try to get a TV job." Christine went on to talk about the challenges of television reporting, concluding that while she likes TV, there's nothing quite like when it's just her, her notebook, and her computer.
  • From Chartese Burnett, Vice President of Communications, Washington Nationals: Don't be afraid to try something different. After years of working in sports, Chartese took a stint working at NASA headquarters. An invaluable experience, she said. And a challenge. (Chartese is a big believer in making sure every job is a challenge and offers something "new" to learn.)

Of course, that's just what I remember. For those who attended, I'd love to hear what you thought was most memorable.

Was it Christine talking about Title IX and women's sports and being one of the first women in men's locker rooms? Was it Chartese talking about the challenges of marketing baseball to D.C.? Was it Matt talking about online marketing and sharing that England soccer team Manchester United has 1.1 million residents of China in its fan club, all thanks to watching games online?

Let us know!

-- Robin

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