Wednesday, February 6, 2008

January Lunch: Let the Discussion Continue...

As we promised during the lunch, we're hoping to keep the discussion rolling with both attendees and those who couldn't attend but are invested in this topic. To that end... the questions we presented at the lunch for discussion were:

  • How have you successfully leveraged the resources of your organization to benefit broader coalition efforts?
  • Based on your previous experience, describe what you perceive to be pitfalls/obstacles that may impede a coalition’s success.
  • How do you effectively integrate coalition objectives and messages into your organization’s daily activities and communication?
  • What are the keys to sustaining participation and engagement from stakeholders in coalition activities over the long-term?
  • What tools (Web-based and other) have you found to be effective to promote community building, collaboration, and networking among coalition participants?

And taking advantage of our largely non-scientific audience…

  • Based on your personal observations and experience, what do you perceive to be key shortcomings in science outreach and communication that ought to be addressed for the COPUS effort to succeed?
So now it's your turn to write. Answer the questions. Give us your thoughts. Post new questions...

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